The Art of Letting Go




The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

The Journey from Separation in Love to Fulfillment in Life
By Carlino Giampolo

Very few people have gone through life without having experienced the difficulties involved in the breakup of an intimate relationship. Those who have evaded this painful state of confusion are perhaps unique in this day and age. For those who are living through the experience of separation,The Art of Letting Go can bring solace, understanding, strength and the building blocks necessary to return to happiness in their lives.

The Art of Letting Go presents a clear and caring approach to those meaningful ideas and concepts which are essential to strengthening one’s desire and determination to create a positive future.

To aid the reader’s comprehension and confidence in this unique catharsis, the author has included an extensive self-awareness section and an engrossing meditation. The result is a fully-integrated reading experience designed to enlighten and revitalize.

Within the covers of this book lies a treasure of meaning and feeling that can bring a wealth of satisfaction and direction to anybody’s life.

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